Covenant Membership

Make Origin Home


1: Enter The Family

In the Bible all the Christians in a city gathered together on Sundays to hear teaching and worship Jesus. During the week the church was scattered throughout the city in homes. We don’t ask anyone to just show up to a Sunday “service”, but to become part of our family. The family of God gathers on Sunday and scatters throughout our areas as Gospel Communities during the week to live together in family as a family. The first step in making Origin your home is to become part of our family by becoming family with us in a Gospel Community. You can find information about Gospel Communities on this site.

2: Confirm Your Beliefs

Once part of a Gospel Community we invite you to walk the covenant membership process and confirm your beliefs, heart, and commitment to God’s mandates for every believer.


  1. Join Origin Connect
  2. Go to our Covenant Membership Class
  3. Read the Origin Church Doctrinal Statement (download below)
  4. Read the Origin Covenant Membership Statement (download below)
  5. Fill out the Covenant Membership Agreement

Download Origin's Membership Covenant & Doctrine (pdf)

3: Covenant with Origin Church

Every Christian belongs to God’s family through faith in Jesus. However, we are also called to be committed to a local church led by godly and biblically qualified Elders. Just as God makes covenants with his people, in Origin we talk less about membership and more about covenants. Membership places the emphasis on what I get while covenants are more about what I give. God has called us to be committed to being generous and giving towards the local church.

4: Live on Mission

As a covenant member you are to be on mission in Origin and in our city. Galatians 6:10 says that we should do good to everyone, and especially the saints in the household of God. This means we live on mission in our church by serving, from set-up to prayer and everything in between. Jesus was sent as a missionary to us. We are also sent, like Jesus, to our neighbors, jobs, schools, friends, family, cities and countries. Living on mission is the way of life for the Christian. Everything we do is either worshipping Jesus and building his kingdom or not.