Supporting the church you call home is part of worship.  We learn from Jesus' teachings that gathering wealth on this side of eternity is not our first priority (Luke 12:13-20).  Rather, a decision to steward everything God has given us for His glory is what should under-gird our daily choices.  Paul says that God loves a cheerful giver; cheer is the standard of giving, not an amount or percentage. Money is a sensitive subject, but how we spend our money clearly shows what is most important to us. 

We are thankful that so many cheerfully give to Origin without any obligation except by the conviction of the Scriptures and in reflection to the great riches we have been given in Jesus
(2 Corinthians 9:7).

Ways You Can Give

  1. Donation boxes at Sunday Gathering
  2. Online (see below)
  3. Text any dollar amount to (916) 299-9111
  4. Mail a check to

    Origin Church
    PO Box 41196
    Sacramento, CA 95841

*Please make checks payable to Origin Church