Gospel Communities

Gospel Communities are a local expression of Origin church making much of Jesus, demonstrating the gospel to one another as family, and on a shared mission with God making disciples.

While we need community, community is not the main thing of our faith. God designed us to be in relationship with one another and it is in the context of life together where discipleship happens. If we however pursue community as the main thing, true, biblical community will evade us. Only because of the Gospel—the person and work of Jesus—can we have true community.

Gospel Communities provide a context for people to make much of Jesus in the support, accountability and stretching that takes place in a family community. Each week we share the Word, prayer, life and mission in a multi-generational setting around a meal.

Gospel Communities are where we disciple each other, but they are also where we make disciples. By God's grace we are a family sent on mission by Jesus to make disciples. Again, only the Gospel makes this possible. The Gospel sends us, empowers us, and it is what we go with (II Corinthians 5:14 - 21). As disciples of Jesus we live in community on a shared mission with God in our neighborhoods, loving our cities and seeking their flourishing.

In short, Gospel Communities live life together because of the Gospel, to disciple each other in the Gospel, and to reach our city with the Gospel.

Please bring your children and food to share.


Day & Location

For more information, please contact the Gospel Community group leader for the location/day you'd like to attend. 

Arden Wednesdays 6:00pm -- Lucas & Katy & Daniel: 530-919-4731 Email  

Sacramento/Rosemont Thursdays 6:00pm -- Patrick & Elizabeth: 619-857-5003 Email

Citrus Heights North Wednesdays 6:00pm -- Brandon & Michelle: 916-500-3530 Email

Citrus Heights South Thursdays 6:00pm -- Tyler & Aimee: 916-770-7189 Email

Orangevale Thursdays 6:00pm -- Brian & Cindy: 916-600-6475 Email

Rocklin Wednesdays 6:00pm -- Jake: 530-613-9509 Email 

Loomis Wednesdays 5:30pm -- Troy & Amanda: 530-333-5221 Email