Origin Arts

Our Story

The Gospel is beautiful, and art has been redeemed by Jesus to communicate that story beautifully. As artists we have a natural bent and desire to express our own stories, to make much of ourselves. Often times we make an idol. We serve it to serve ourselves. We worship it to save us: If I can creatively express myself, and people listen, my life has worth and meaning. We are a sinful, needy bunch.

But the artist that has been redeemed by the gospel has been brought into God's story, which has created for them a new story entirely: "I was lost, drowning in my own sinful self. The gospel opened my eyes to all that I was meant to be in Christ. I was rescued by Jesus—by his grace—to receive his own life and righteousness."

The Artist then is recreated in Christ: "Now I am new. Life has meaning. I am whole. I have identify in the community of God. I have been called, as a minister of reconciliation, to tell that story to the world, so that they too can be renewed as well. I am redeemed! Art is redeemed!"

Our Vision

As a result of the Spirit's transforming work, we desire to tell God's story through the language of art, and through our experience of redemption. Art is the language of the culture and we desire to speak the gospel through that language as well as we can.

Your Part

Use your talents to proclaim Christ in:

 Music  Painting (Drawing)
 Photography  Creative Writing (Blogs, poetry, etc)
 Videography Audio/Video Production