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It’s about Jesus. We are in a great story – an epic story. The author of this story is God and Jesus is the main character. It is a story of happiness and love lost because of the sin and rebellion of our first parents against God. It is a heroic story of God’s inconceivable plan to undo it all. God loves people and hates sin so much that he would send Jesus to die so that we may be changed. This is God’s story becoming ours. God makes our heart alive - we follow Jesus and make much of him in everything we do.

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Church means “called out ones." We are a people of God, not just a person of God. 2 Corinthians 5:18 says through Jesus he reconciled us, not only me. It was his grace to give us the church. The New Testament describes the church as a family. In this new family, through celebration and struggle - we hold to the gospel, grow in faith, and fight our sin. Our culture wants us to be an individual but God wants us to be a family. At Origin, this happens throughout our area in Gospel Communities.

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As disciples of Jesus we are no longer on a mission for ourselves. Jesus gives us a new purpose and the Holy Spirit to empower us; namely it’s to see our neighbors, neighborhoods, schools, jobs, and city transformed by the gospel. This is what we mean by being disciples who make disciples. You don’t have to go 3000 miles and three oceans away to be on mission. You go next door. You show up for work. You redeem your commute. You redeem your hobbies. You redeem your family. You redeem your time. Mission is simply living a gospel life – the actions of our lives can only be explained by the gospel.

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God designed the Church. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd.
He designed it to be led by godly men, qualified according to Titus 1:1-16 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
The main purpose of the Elders is to oversee and care for God's Church through teaching, preaching, vision, direction, and protection from false doctrine and theology.



God created Deacons.  These are not people who simply pass an offering plate, clean the grounds, and have countless meetings. The role of Deacon is to serve the Elders, namely through freeing them up to pray and be in the scriptures. The Elders lead the Church from a 30,000 foot level, and the Deacons come alongside to meet the practical needs of the church on the ground. Deacons are biblically qualified men and women according to 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Our Deacons wear lanyards - feel free to approach them with any questions at either gathering.


Few will be Elders, many will be Deacons, all believers are Saints. All believers are to be a part of the local expression of the church and to participate as a Covenant Member inside its body. Covenant Membership is an invitation to join Origin Church as we make disciples who make disciples in the power of Jesus through movements of Gospel, Community, and City.


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